Aluminum Gates

Custom built

All of the gates shown we have built at some time in the past.

All are custom,

We build the gates to fit your site

Any size.  Not just the size shown.

Built to fit your location.

Each gate is built to your order.

Prices shown are for the size shown.

Aluminum construction


Arched split swing

Great design, compliments any home.

16' wide, 5' high each end.

posts with hinges.


Up to 20' wide


Contemporary aluminum swing gate

Unfinished will turn gray with time.

16' x5'

posts and hinges 


Do it yourself installation


Cantilever sliding gates.

Up to 20' projection.

Wood facing or traditional

Includes entire mechanism

for installation.

$3,500 to $6,000.



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English Estate


Old English estate gate style.

Built from aluminum.

Oversized frame and hinge straps.



Heavy duty


Double swing smooth topped.

Over sized frame and pickets.  Great look.  Wood finish of the posts by owner.

Includes hinges and posts.

5'x16'  $3,800.00

City contemporary


Flatopped swing gate.

Over sized frame.  Wood inserts by others.

Simple but eligant,

4-6' high, 12-20' wide.

$4.000 to 8,000.

Egg crate flattop


3x3 square openings in wire infill.

4-6' tall.  Single swing 12-16' wide

Includes posts and hinges.

$3,000 to 4,500.

wood piker


Smooth topped built for wood inserts with opening at top

Single swing 4-6' tall, 12' to 16' opening.

$3,000  to 4,000.

Stockade Double


Double stockade

Traditional east coast look.

Oversized frame. Mesh infill.

2 colors. Includes posts and hinges.

5' high x 16'


Stockade Double


Angle shot of stockade double.

Smooth topped Mt Baker


Great contemporary design

16' opening

5' high each end

Rise to 6'6" center

Smooth top split in middle

4x4" s
teel posts

Adjustable hinges

Set up for future gate operator