Aluminum construction. Never rusts. Baked on finish.    253 217 3801

Built to national codes. 5' or 5.5' diameter.

Cap rail 1.5" round rolled to fit each stair perfectly.

Balusters .75" in size, welded to treads and cap rail, no bolts.

Treads finished on the bottom no raw ends of balusters.

Welds ground smooth.

Spiral Stairs Aluminum. Never rust, powder coat finish. Easy install.

5' diameter, built to national codes.  Aluminum all welded,

baked on finish.  Delivered to site(100 miles of Seattle)

110" rise.   $5,500.00  Price varies by height.

Photos and more details

Extend center post


Extending the aluminum center post allows for the spiral stair to be embedded into concrete directly.

This eliminates floor flange and bolts sticking up.

Landscape around the post.   Excellent finish

Custom platforms


Aluminum exterior spiral stair platform has been extended allowing for walking between the stair and the house.

The platform also has a radius to add to the cool factor.

Custom rises


Shows finish after direct embed.

Rises are all different.

All welds ground smooth


Smooth connection to cap rail.

Great feel.

Professional finish. 

Ground and blended underside


Underside smooth and finished.

Matching handrail

aluminum spiral stair  aluminum handrail

Matching aluminum  handrails to finish the job.

Treads setup for wood caps by others.

Underside of extended platform

Aluminum spiral stairs,  extended platform

Aluminum spiral stair extended platform.

Radius corner.

Room enough to walk under platform between house and stair.

Roof hanger

Aluminum spiral stairs

Spiral stair built to hang from roof down to the second floor.

Custom indeed.. 

Wood caps by others


Treads built to accept wood caps by others.